While it is worth to follow all 10-step skincare routine if you are a skincare nerd, it is not necessary to go through all the steps. You can personalise your routine as per your skin concerns. There no rule to follow the steps in this order. The best way to go is to build up from thin consistency product to thickest.
To keep it bare minimum, go with: double-cleansing, toning, moisturising and sunblock. You can gradually add the other steps in your routine depending on what your skin needs.



Oil based cleansers are used to remove all the debris, impurities from the skin such as makeup, SPF, eyeliner. It smoothly and effortlessly cleanses the skin.


Water based cleansers are used to remove the residue of oil cleansers and the remaining impurities, resulting in a soft and supple skin.


It is important to exfoliate skin at least twice a week to get rid of the dead skin cells and allowing products to get absorbed into the skin. It helps to unclog the pores allowing the skin to breathe properly and the youthful skin intact.



Toner helps to maintain the pH level of the skin and moisten your face. Applying toner helps in hydration the skin and prepares it well to absorb the other products.



Essence is a hybrid of toner and serum, except that is less concentrated than serums. It absorbs quickly into the skin and brightens up the complexion regenerating the skin cells, thus, preventing the skin from dullness.



Serums are the lightweight formula, which addresses skin concerns such as dehydration, pore refining, wrinkles, pigmentation, and fine lines.



Koreans are very peculiar about sheet masks, as these are the very soul of their routine. Sheet masks have active ingredients that nourish the skin only in short span of time. Sheet masks are to be put on for 15-20 minutes and are extremely convenient to use and carry.



As the area around the eyes is very delicate; it constantly requires hydration and protection from sunlight. Eye creams help in keeping a check on puffy eyes and dark circles and, brightens the area around the eyes.



Moisturiser intends to hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying.

It also helps to keep the other products from withering away. 



Sunscreen creams are extremely vital for protects the skin from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays and to prevent premature ageing. Also, reapplication of sun block is needed in every 2-3 hours.



Our skin replenishes and repairs itself the best during the night. Night creams help the skin in its skin repair process and keep it healthy. 

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