BB Creams and CC Creams: What's the difference?

BB creams first became famous in Korea before anywhere else around the mid-80s and the trend caught up throughout East Asia. It was not before the last five years, it has become a global beauty trend, buzzing especially in the west. The reason why BB creams became popular among people in first place was the multiple benefits that it provides. Today many brands even offer BB creams for different skin types. Korean BB and CC creams are known for its sheer coverage and natural makeup look.

What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

What is BB cream for?

BB creams and CC creams are somewhere between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer. BB creams stand for beauty balm or blemish balm (and sometimes even blemish base, blemish base). A BB cream is lighter than a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturiser. It provides sheer coverage along with additional skincare benefits such as sun protection, hydration, and smooth texture prevents excessive shine or mattify skin, and sometimes even anti-aging benefits, depending on the formulation of the product. It can be used in place of a primer and foundation as it gives a finishing look without overdoing it. BB creams are perfect multi-taskers and are perfect when you don’t have much time for makeup or for a go-to-makeup-look.

What is CC Cream?

CC stands for complexion correcting or colour correcting. CC creams are glided version of BB creams. It is lighter and less oily than a BB cream. Apart from coverage needs and added benefits that BB Creams take care of, it also helps to cover redness, age spots, pigmentation, sallowness, dullness.

Missha BB cream Perfect Cover review

BB creams and CC creams are undoubtedly giving us the result that we may be looking for in the form of even complexion, good texture etc., but all that primarily depends on the product formulation. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42, for example is multi-purpose BB cream that will not only give you amazing coverage and visibly flawless skin but doubles as sunscreen. This lightweight formula is enriched for Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide with moisturisation and comes with skin brightening and anti-aging benefits.

Missha BB cream shades for Indian Skin

Misha Perfect Cover BB Cream offers medium coverage is available in five different shades. #23 Natural Beige

#25 Warm Beige

#29 Caramel Beige #27 Honey Beige #31 Golden Beige

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