Can you actually shrink your pores!?

Enlarged pores are the biggest skin concern that makes everyone anxious. The one who does not have pores fears that he might get pores and the one with enlarged pores wants to shrink it anyhow! We look up for the product that promises to shrink the pores size, but do they actually work!? Everyone wants the smooth porcelain skin like Koreans! So here we break down for you the ABC of pores.....

Pores are the intervening valley like openings on the skin surface. These pores help in defining the skin pattern and texture. Each pore opening is connected to a hair follicle and sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland produces sebum to keep skin surface moisturised. If the skin is not cleansed properly and regularly, it may clog the pores, which as a result end-up feeding the acne-causing bacteria and also enlarge the pores.

What leads to enlarged pores?


Genetics is one of the deciding factors of the size of your pores. If you have thicker hair follicle, the size of the pores would be larger. Also, if you have an oily skin type, the sebum production is more than usual and thus, pores will be bigger.


The elastin and collagen that clasp the pores together diminish as we age, as a result compromising the structural integrity of the skin.

Additionally, with increasing age the desquamation of dead cells reduces and it starts to accumulate on the skin. If these dead cells are not disposed-off regularly they may build up inside the pores, the pores may enlarge.


Any harsh treatment to skin and negligence can also disturb the integrity of skin and pores size. Harsh physical or chemical exfoliation, skin dehydration and sun damage are common causes of enlarged pores. Our skin has a fibrous network of elastin and collagen, which helps in maintaining solidarity your skin and pores. Direct sun exposure can break up this network and enlarges the pores.

Just like excessive sebum production, skin dryness can cause the skin to stretchiness to expand the pores.

Last but not the least, if the skin is not properly looked after, the debris and dead cells may get accumulated on the skin surface and occlude the pores. The congested may expand further if this dirt is not sloughed away regularly.

Can we actually shrink pores?

One of the popular misconceptions that go by, when it comes to pores is that you can shrink your pores. But the reality is that you cannot actually reduce the size of pores. Pores do not work like muscles that expand and contract. Products out in the market make a plethora of skin benefit claims. The benefit most frequently used is a reduction of apparent pore size. However, it is not possible to reduce the size of pores. The over-the-counter products available in the market for closing the pores actually deep clean the pores and make them appear visibly less to naked eyes.

What you can do even if you have large pores is to look after your skin properly. Develop a proper skin routine that helps you to keep your pores clean, get rid of dead cells and all the dirt regularly and prevent clogging of pores. You may be able to recognise the change that with time your pores visibly appear small. But they actually don't reduce in size. Proper care can prevent future enlargement.

When the dirt and debris are not properly sloughed away from the skin, the pores begin to expand in size. In order to preventing them from enlarging, it is essential to look after the skin properly and gently.

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How are you maintaining your pores?