How to know your skin type?

How to know your skin type quiz?

How your skin reacts to different circumstances, products, environment, depends on your skin type. Broadly, skin types are categorised as normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. So before plunging into any particular skincare routine, it is very important to figure out your skin type first.


Oily skin is greasier, oily and shiny in appearance due to an overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. As more oil than normal passes through pore opening, the pores get clogged and expand in size. Oily skin tends to experience more breakouts. A common mistake made by people with oily skin is skipping moisturiser, which further actives oil glands to produce more oil as skin lacks natural hydration. Therefore, people with oily skin should use a lightweight moisturiser instead of missing out on it.


Neither too oily nor too dry, normal skin type has a balanced oil level. Pores are of normal size, and skin texture is usually, soft and supple. At the end of the day, people with normal skin experience little or no oil on their face. Their skin hardly reacts to any product. They rarely have breakout except for hormonal acne, of course. Even though the normal skin is low maintenance as compared to other ones, but still to have healthy and glowing skin, it needs to be looked after properly.


Dry skin type has dry and rough skin surface. Since oil glands don’t produce enough oils, and therefore the size of pores is usually smaller than average and hardly ever have breakouts. Dry skin characterizes as insistently dry, itchy, and flaky. It usually feels tight and stretchy and lacks elasticity and firmness. Dry skin rarely experiences oily shine on their face, rather appears dull and lacks radiance. Due to persistent dryness, skin begins to show signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines. It is important to keep skin well hydrated and nourished all the time.


If from the skin types listed till now, your skin doesn’t match to anyone, then you probably have combination skin. 'Combination' as its name suggests is a mix of two skin types. It is usually seen as oily on the t-zone (covering the forehead and nose area) and dry/normal on cheeks. The combination, however, may vary to normal-dry, oily-dry. The attributes of combination skin rely on the skin type combo, i.e. the oily area will have larger pores and breakouts and so on. Such skin requires particularities peculiar to the skin types: normal, dry and oily skins.


Sensitive skin as the name says itself, tends to be very sensitive to the environment, products, or anything else applied to the skin and reacts very often. Skin reacts to products and climate change, turns red, itchy, burns, inflamed or irritated very easily and some may also have skin allergies or other skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. Sensitive skin needs to be taken care off very carefully and delicately. People with sensitive skin need to figure out how their skin behaves to different conditions and products.

What is my skin type quiz?

Take this quiz to know your skin type.

Cleanse your face & pat dry. Don't apply any product at this point. Wait for 20-30 minutes, and observe your skin. Refer to the skincare map below, to know your skin type.

How to know your skin type quiz?

Final word

Knowing your skin type provides assistance in dealing with the skin issues and find out the right products particular for the skin type with a more targeted approach.

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