Korean makeup trends to try now!

Korean beauty trends being it skincare or makeup continue to stay at the forefront in the beauty world. Beauty trends from Korea started to make their way into the world outside and the world is no doubt taking notes.

Here, we round up the list of beautiful makeup trends from Korea.

No makeup look

Koreans prefer the dewy moisturised look over the matte finish, to make it look natural and subtle. This everyday makeup look is called 'no-makeup, makeup look’. It emphasises on skincare first, then makeup. To begin with, prep up and pamper your skin first and use neutral and nude shades. Remember to keep your skin all moisturised and hydrated all the while to keep it natural.

Gradation Lip (Two-toned lips)

A two-tone lip trend has been trending in Korea for a while now. It colours the lips in gradient hues, typically dark at the centre and fading out on the edges. Many brands such as Lineage, Etude house have lipsticks available in two tones, which gives a gradient effect.

Even if you don’t have two-tone lipstick, you can still sport the Korean gradient lip trend with one lipstick. Cover your lips with the foundation to make them pale. Then apply your lipstick at the centre of your lips. Smack them together and then dab a little with your finger, allowing the colour to gradually blend out towards the edges.

Juicy makeup

Juicy makeup is all about the youthful and fresh-faced look, resembling a ripe piece of fruit. This makeup trend includes pop colours like you are bursting with juice. To achieve a full juicy look, use peachy, corals, tangy, and fruit-coloured shades for blush, eyes, and lip tints. Put blush on the cheek apples, instead of going along the cheekbones.

Which Korean makeup trend are you showing off right now? Let us know in the comments.