This cleansing powder makes skin clear and smooth by effectively removing makeup, impurities, and old dead skin cells from the skin without causing any irritation. It contains pure vitamin C brightens up the skin and gives a smooth skin texture.   


Free of artificial fragrances, parabens-free, sulfates-free, Free of artificial colors, free of animal products, alcohol-free, free of mineral oil and silicone-free


 1.2 g * 30 ea     


Country of Origin: South Korea


  • Take out the powder from the sachet into the palm of your hand.
    Apply the mixture to your entire face and continue your skincare routine.
    Add a generous amount of water. Mix the product with your palms allowing the powder to dissolve.
    Note: If you notice a grainy texture after mixing, we recommend adding more water. Apply the mixture to your entire face to cleanse and wash off with lukewarm water.