2-in-1 Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream made of Korean Gyodong Rice extract to give you clear and radiant glowing skin. It contains moisturising gel inside a nourishing cream, not only it soothes and moisturize skin, but also strengthens your skin barrier and provide nutrients that skin needs. The gel part contains Green Tea extract for moisturizing, Convallaria Majalis Bulb extract for vitalised skin.
Gamma-oryzanol and minerals promote skin healthy and clear skin. Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Vitamin B2 prevents moisture loss and moisturizing. Linoleic Acid, Vitamin B6 keeping skin healthy by strengthening your skin barrier.


 Country of Origin: South Korea

THANK YOU FARMER Rice Pure Gel and Cream

  • Scoop out a dime-sized amount of cream and apply to fingertips. Smooth out over the entire face and neck in an upward motion. For Moisturizing, morning skincare routine or to calm down irritated skin, apply in ratio Gel : Cream = 2 : 1 For Nourishing, night skincare routine or for extra moisturising care, apply in ratio Gel : Cream = 1 : 2.